Centers and Institutes

Center for Health and Aging Innovation

The Center for Health and Aging Innovation (CHAI) aims to bolster health, choices, and opportunities for all older adults to be socially and vitally engaged in society. The Center accomplishes this through developing, testing, and refining theories to promote healthy aging; offering a range of educational courses on aging and health; and partnering with a large network of local and global practitioners, organizations, and government entities to test and innovate new programs and policies to promote healthy and productive aging.

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Center on Violence and Recovery

The Center on Violence and Recovery (CVR) is dedicated to advancing knowledge on the causes and consequences of violence and trauma and developing solutions that foster healing among individuals, families, and communities. CVR develops cutting-edge solutions to promote healing and transformation; conducts research studies on critical issues connected to trauma and restoration; and offers trainings, workshops, and lectures on topics related to trauma and healing.


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Constance and Martin Silver Center on Data Science and Social Equity

The Constance and Martin Silver Center on Data Science and Social Equity (C+M Silver Center) supports scholarship and early development of innovations in the field of data science for social equity impact, including studies harnessing big data and using artificial intelligence. In order to leverage the growing availability and complexity of such data, the C+M Silver Center helps to develop and nurture the scientific skill set of NYU Silver faculty, doctoral students, and researchers. 

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McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research

The McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research oversees numerous applied studies aimed at addressing the root causes of poverty, as well as examining approaches to reduce its effects. McSilver's studies are defined by research partnerships with policy makers, service organizations, and community stakeholders. An understanding of the links between individuals, families, and communities to their external environments, as well as the interrelatedness of race and poverty, guide McSilver's research efforts.

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Center for Drug Use and HIV/ HCV Research

The Center for Drug Use and HIV/HCV Research (CDUHR) is a National Institute on Drug Abuse-funded Center of Excellence that aims to end the HIV and HCV epidemics in drug using populations and their communities by conducting transdisciplinary research and disseminating its findings to inform programmatic, policy, and grass roots initiatives at the local, state, national and global levels.

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