Faculty & Research

Learn from Top Clinicians, Researchers, and Scholars

Our outstanding faculty have extensive experience and are some of the best instructors in the profession. They bring a wide range of knowledge and social work orientations—spanning  psychodynamic, psychological, and social theory perspectives.

Through consultation and their innovative, cutting edge research, our faculty assist social service, mental health, and healthcare agencies in program planning and evaluation. Their scholarly work addresses a wide range of concerns, including trauma, poverty reduction, public health interventions, the conceptual and philosophical foundations of clinical practice, assessment of social work education, and needs of vulnerable populations. It’s no wonder that NYU Silver’s NIH grant application success rate is twice the average. 

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Our affiliated centers and institutes foster and disseminate research targeting challenges on which social work leadership is critical. 

Centers and Institutes

Faculty-initiated programs, services, and collaborations are bridging the research-practice gap and moving the practice forward.

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NYU Silver faculty and students apply rigorous research, critical theories, and scientific methods in an effort to transform lives.

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High-Impact Research on Society’s Most Pressing Problems

An extraordinary range of faculty research and scholarship contributes to social work practice, intervention development, implementation science, disease prevention, social policy, and our students’ education. NYU Silver faculty are particularly known for their innovative research tackling complex social problems in the U.S. and around the world, including poverty and inequality, child abuse and neglect, health disparities, substance use disorders, and mental health challenges. 

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NYU gave me a breadth of psychotherapeutic information, modalities, and applications from informed professionals who work in one of the busiest cities in the nation.

Teresa Bennett-Pasquale, MSW ’07

Centering Pedagogy in Antiracist and Inclusive Practices

As part of a broader effort to more intentionally center NYU Silver’s pedagogy in antiracist and inclusive practices, Associate Professor Doris F. Chang and Master Teacher, Clinical Associate Professor, and DSW Program Director Linda Lausell Bryant developed an Antiracism Pedagogy Seminar for full-time and adjunct faculty as well as doctoral students. The training program consists of five modules of self-directed learning activities as well as reflection questions and participation in accountability group meetings. In the first two years that the seminar has been offered, 73 faculty members and doctoral students have completed it and been designated NYU Silver Antiracism Pedagogy Champions.

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Providing Thought Leadership on an Array of Social Welfare Topics

By serving in editorial roles for peer reviewed journals, NYU Silver Faculty influence the direction of research and practice around the world in a wide range of specialities. Professor Wen-Jui Han is Co-Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Social Welfare, Professor Victoria Stanhope is Associate Editor of Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Researchand Professor Carol Tosone is Editor Emerita of Clinical Social Work Journal. In addition, they and many other Faculty members serve on the editorial boards of other academic journals.

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