A Diverse, Supportive Learning Community

NYU Silver is distinguished by the strong sense of community among our students, faculty, staff, and alumni, who are united by a commitment to service and social justice. As a relatively small school within a top-tier research university based in one of the world’s most dynamic cities, NYU Silver encourages faculty-student interaction, incubates and sustains a wide range of student organizations, and fosters lifelong friendships, while providing access to all that NYU, NYC, and our campuses in Rockland, Westchester, and Shanghai have to offer.

2022-23 Graduate Orientation Leaders with Career & Professional Development Associate Director Sooah Kwak, Associate Director for Inclusive Engagement and Student Life Jo Gonzalez, and, Student Affairs Administrative Aide II Grace DeFino

The community of peers that I have found as a result of participating in the MSW program at NYU Silver is the single greatest gem of my last few years. I would be lost without the incredible friends and social supports I have found at this school.

Lidziya Rubanava, MSW ’23

The NYU Silver Community

Recent graduates, faculty, and staff describe the special character of the Silver Community.

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Helping Fellow Students Find Their Roles in Social Change

As a summer Graduate Student Assistant in our Office of Career & Professional Development, Sejal Mehta, MSW ’22, developed a bi-weekly, Instagram Live “Silver Social Change Series” to kick off the Fall semester. Based on Deepa Iyer’s Social Change Ecosystem Map, the series gave students an opportunity to hear from peers and professors about the roles they play in micro, mezzo, and macro spaces. It was also a way to foster community and connection as the new academic year began. 

Collage composed of a flyer for the Silver Social Change Series and a screenshot of an Intagram Live conversation between Sejal, Michelle, and a guest

Amplifying Our Collective Voice for Social Justice

At its core, social work is social justice and that work cannot be effectively pursued alone. At Silver, we encourage students to be inclusive leaders, and to amplify our collective voice for social justice at our own institution as well as in the wider society. We foster leadership in many ways, including our Social Justice and Diversity Professional Development Grant program, restorative justice trainings, and membership on our Social Justice Praxis Committee.

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Follow Your Passion and Find Your People

Connect with like-minded peers through our nearly two dozen student councils, interest groups, and affinity organizations

Exemplifying the Spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the Classroom and Out

NYU’s prestigious Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award recognizes outstanding faculty who exemplify the spirit of the civil rights leader through teaching excellence, leadership, social justice activism, and community building. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Linda Lausell Bryant was honored in 2022. At the ceremony, MSW student Trisha Regine Fuerte explained “Dr. Lausell Bryant is a leader who gives the work back to us in an intentional and compassionate way. Her classrooms are safe, honest, and full of beautiful and necessary growth. We are honored to learn from her and to be part of her legacy.”

Dr. Linda Lausell Bryant formal headshot

The one thing that has surprised me at Silver is the genuine care and compassion of my instructors and classmates. I’ve never had that kind of compassion-connection in school before and it’s a testament to the culture that Silver cultivates.

Bill Anthes, MSW ’22

Establishing Cross-Cultural Connections

The Silver Language Partners program pairs native and non-native English speaking MSW students to foster cross-cultural friendships and boost the latter’s conversational English skills. The pairs get together at least 10 times during the academic year to engage in casual conversation while doing activities like going to museums, taking dance classes, eating meals, or exploring the city. Justin Leider, MSW ’20, and Yasmine Li, MSW ’20, pictured with fellow Language Partner Ling Ding, MSW ’21, shared their reflections on the experience.

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Supporting Our Students’ Support Systems

Recognizing that students’ success would not be possible without the care and support of their family and loved ones, we hold virtual gatherings at the start of each academic year for parents, partners, children, friends, and others in our MSW students’ support systems. Associate Dean of Student Affairs Courtney O'Mealley, Associate Director of Inclusive Engagement and Student Life Josephine Gonzalez, and Student Affairs Administrative Aide Grace DeFino give participants from around the world an overview of our MSW program, engage them in exploring their hopes and fears for their students, and provide practical tips and advice on how best to support their students on their MSW journey.

Off-white box with a violet banner and the NYU Silver logo at the top with the text Welcome, Supporting Your MSW Student Family & Loved Ones Session, and Meet your Presenters with headshots of Grace DeFino, Josephine Gonzalez, and Courtney O'Mealley